This is again a typical untypical story. Just before christmas I added a few samples to the DAW (DigitalAudioWorkstation) since I didn’t find a nice sounding piano and was missing some classical instruments.So I invested a little money for these sound libraries and luckily,  I could install these right before christmas.
Usually I write songs on the guitar, rarely on the bass and even more rarely on the piano/keyboard. But, with these sounds now, I found myself in front of the keyboard all the next days, having fun. These sounds are really amazing and not comparable with the piano I play  upstairs. It was like playing a high-end ultra-expensive concert grand piano. So I came up with a few chords, playing these over and over again, nearly unable to stop. Of course, I recorded that and was quite happy, but maybe……..maybe just add some symphonic violins? Thanks to MIDI, I could adjust the piano notes (I better stick to the guitar, as I am not such a great piano player) and I could at least “program” some violins. The more I was digging into these, the better it worked out. OK, this is not the kind of music I usually compose, for sure, but it was really fun, lots of fun. Of course I needed a name for this new “song” and the “album”. Songname was easy, simply stick to the way the “old” classical heroes named their stuff.
So the outcome was “Sonate für Klavier & Violinen Ensemble Nr.1 in A-Dur op.1” – cool name, huh? 🙂
The tricky part was the album title, but after a few beers with a friend we came out with “Zwiweisy” – sounds a bit classical and has a special meaning (we were laughing out loud once we came to it).
So, what does it mean now?
Well, it’s the time between the years abbreviated in German.
So it is “Between christmas and new years eve”, which is in German “Zwischen Weihnachten und Sylvester” – there you are: Zwiweisy!